Thursday, May 17, 2007

UP - leads to Delhi

BANG and behenji is back and this time with a thumping majority.
anti incumbency - yes
UP is known to alternate - yes
if not SP then surely neither congress or bjp- okie
but Mayawati- how come?

answer lies in adaptation..something which the bjp and congress both need to learn from bsp
now its no more dalit morch but a sarvajana morcha. mayawati has as many upper caste cabinet colleagues as dalits if not more. actually if i remember coorectly its more llike 11:7 sortta ratio.
wow!! this is politics no permanent friends and no permanent foes
and whose complaining..okay something called ideology.....nay!!! we have parallel ideologies to smooth out discords...


dintoons said...


btw zzz, are you a political science student? just curious...

zzz-writer said...

yes i am :)

Rauf said...

i am a sadak chaap. i eat road side food, sitting on pavements with cows and cow dung around. i can afford only that, rickshaw waale' bhaiya are my friends, i have my chai and roti sabzi with them. i get to hear their political views, their philosophy.
I love these people. i travel without knowing anything about the local governments. i was in UP last month, Allahbaad, Lucknow, Banaras. i have posted pictures i Daylight again.

No one, no politcal party runs India, India runs by itself. i love my country. i love my people.

zzz-writer said...

i find lot of similiarities b/w u and me...although i do not sit and have my roti sabzi with riksha wale bhaiyas.
but my take on life is:
we do not believe in miracles..we rely on them :D