Thursday, August 24, 2006

quasi it possible?

whats the use of that yoga, which is half hearted??
if the holy river ganges flows to my doorstep even
and i feel awed and glad that it has bestowed its kind love upon me
what is the use, if i do not make full use of that special blessing?
what is the difference then between half hearted recognition and no recognition at all?
there is only one truth..the only and the ultimate truth

oh! my beloved,
You are the omnipotent and omniscent and therefore omnipresent...

tumm binn bigadi kaun banaye
nirmal gyan kaun sikhaye
saara jeevan tumne sawaara
charnow main abb de de saharaa....

Pcube explained

politics is such a dammned word. i want to find out if the word, as such, is so rotten as it is often made out to be?
could it be that it has been misused to such an extent, that it is about time, someone took up the challenge to strive towards extracting justice for this subject?
so many people ask "what is scentific about political science?" and i read somewhere, someone replying to that with a- "what is cultural about horticulture?"

policy is something that is invariably connected to the politics of the country (and in these times of globalization)-to the politics of the dominant part of the world. its rather unfair, how it is "hip" to be discussing policy, but bad to practice(and in my case, to study politics)

philosophy is the 'mother of all knowledge"- from its womb all modern day knowledge and various fields and subjects of study have emerged.

even the supposed pure science fields like physics are not far removed from the eternal questions of human life, which philosophy has sheltered in itself since the begining of civilised human living...that the great scientist Einstien chose to title his most important theory as the "theory of relativity"-bears testimony to the fact.
science is no longer talking in absolute but "relative" terms. in this ever expanding universe, with human being as quinntisential core of majority of our pursuits, change is the only stable thing. so that if till yesterday, pluto was a planet, today it is not.... sooner, we humans accept this better it is