Monday, November 20, 2006

choice freedom and empowerment

the word choice is often mis understood and may be therefore a misused term. when the modern way of civilized living hails the idea of choice and the fredom to choose, i wonder what it means.
the idea of ourselves as modern, free members of world society sounds quite empowering in itself. empowering oneself is the initiative factor for all growth in all possible spheres. science, technology, philosophy, economy, politics as well as practically all institutions of the organized/disorganized world.
we as human beings have always wished to empower ourselves: through education, wealth, knowledge,information, influence, networks, or even good will and friendships. i see this intricate web extending even to our individual relationship (or as some may like to call it)connection- with God.

i seek if it is in our choice to be empowered through self? for that the trick is obviously to first know self. that is who i really am? Hindu spiritualist tradition like all spiritual branches (i do not particularly like to call them as schools) of the world view an individual not as an aloof, disconnected entity, but as a part of the whole cycle of existence.

now is it in our choice to be anything but what this organic whole decides for us? does real freedom exist for anyone of us? if the 'karma theory' is correct than we are all stuck in the infinite circles of good/bad karmas. so where lies the fundamental human/individual choice in all this gigantic process?

a ray of hope shines through the idea of akarmata or efforts that are done with sense (in mental terms) and actuality (in real terms) of complete identification with the whole. in this way, there is no trouble in surrendering to the whole, simply because one is completely identified with the whole and not the part. simply speaking it is like whom does one surrender to when there is no other?

this way empowerment is possible because one is the source of power and can be truly liberated from not only the cycles of karmas but with the ever present dillemas of choice and freedom .

Thursday, November 09, 2006

the myth of democracy

david rumsfeld has been drpped by Bush following a defeat of the republican policy reflected in the mid term polls.
its nobodys guess that Bush is not coming back and so is the congress in delhi. two continuous terms anyway face a major threat from the anti-incumbancey factor

sometimes i truly wonder, if modern democracy is ever about choice? the pressure of the numeric majority is such that there is no other way but to follow the middle path, than what is the logic of having a two part or a multi party mechanism?

i know these questions have very well arguable answers, but in the end probably its all about choosing the lesser evil- and democracy is the answer